Motherhood · My daughter's playlists

My daughter’s playlist

My daughter is two. She has very eclectic musical tastes.

You may think I am exaggerating.

The other day while scrolling through Spotify, she points to an album and demands, “Hey, Mom. Let’s listen to Sam Cooke.

The next day. “What’s your favorite song, M?”

“Dreams. by Brandi Carlile”

Today. “Hey Mom. Can we listen to that Gloria song?” What Gloria song? Oh that obscure one by Laura Branigan that I sing around the house sometimes. SURE.

She also just finished a two month Mama Cass phase. (with a little John Denver, remember to vote, bonus)

What song brings you back to a treasured childhood memory?

Mine is Saturday’s Child by The Monkees.

This brings me back to watching old Monkees tapes in my aunt and uncles house. Playing my dads old records in the basement. My first concert, a monkees reunion, tickets my dad and I won off the radio.

I absolutely love music. Growing up, it was one of the ways we connected best as a family. And I’m so excited that M will have that connection to all of us as well. She seems to bring music wherever she goes.





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